A New Era

In the aftermath of a groundbreaking war, the geopolitical landscape has undergone a seismic shift. The war between Ukraine and Russia, now concluded, leaves Russia facing internal conflicts and fracturing into new sovereign entities. This conflict was distinguished by the unprecedented use of drones piloted by humans, establishing a new benchmark in the annals of modern warfare.

In this fragile peace, a new competition simmers between global superpowers. The United States and China, engaged in a technological race, push the boundaries of military capabilities far beyond nuclear arms. Their focus is laser-sharp: the integration of AI into the machinery of war. As a result, defense contractors and arms manufacturers are investing heavily in developing AI for battle drones, envisioning a future where autonomous machines, rather than humans, conduct warfare.

Parallel to this military innovation, the civil sector is experiencing its own revolution. Major IT companies, traditionally the vanguards of consumer convenience and digital innovation, are now shifting their focus towards embedding AI into every facet of our daily lives. Every smart device, every digital interface, is transformed into a node within an extensive neural network of artificial intelligence.

As nations around the globe brace for the inevitable confrontation of AI-powered technologies, a deeper, more existential question emerges from the shadows: What if the real conflict is not between nations, but between humanity and the AI it has created? This profound inquiry resonates through the halls of power, in the research labs of tech companies, and in the clandestine gatherings of those intent on shaping this new era.

Drone in the sky